A Safer Way to Break the Cycle of Addiction

The entire recovery process from addiction is not something that happens within a few short weeks. It’s critical to develop the skills it takes to live life on your own without worries of falling into old habits. Make a choice to stay at the sober living homes Rockville MD residents trust to provide the support and safety people need during recovery.

Continue Recovery Without Feeling Alone

Choosing to spend the start of your recovery time past treatment in a group setting is one that’s beneficial for feeling you have people in your corner that understand the struggle with addiction. Your fellow housemates will have an understanding that’s deeper than with most family members.

Freedom and Connection to Seek a Job for Independence

You can access the internet and begin to make the connections needed to find the right job to help gain full independence. You’ll have the freedom you need to start over with excellent life skills.

Enjoy the Support of Peers and Family

It’s perfect to have people near when you have a rough day and just want someone to listen. It gives you a safe space to reconnect with family and repair relationships. You have the opportunity to build a large support team to help you through the tough times.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Temptation in a Zero-Tolerance Zone

You are vulnerable to relapse when treatment ends and you go home. Staying in a group setting designed for recovering adults is one way to avoid much of the initial temptation to use substances again. You can relax and live life in a zero-tolerance zone.

All the Amenities of Home

Everything is included to help you feel right at home. The houses are completely furnished and even include cooking utensils, plates, and silverware. You can wash and dry your clothes and watch cable television in your off-time.

Take the time you need to decompress and do things right after drug treatment. Consider group housing in a comfortable environment that is safe and feels like home.