How to Ease Life with Cancer

There are some ways which can help ease your life existence, even if you have to take the course of chemotherapy.

Read the following pieces of advice from Cancer Treatment Mexico how to live when you are getting chemotherapy:

  • Not everything goes smooth while the treatment and it’s better to remember about all your achievements. It will cheer you up and you won’t let you get disappointed.
  • You should eat healthy food regularly. You need forces not only to live but also to renew all the functions of your body.
  • Look after yourself. There will be some days when you want to stay at home and to do nothing. It’s normal desire and there is nothing bad about it. But try not to change your way of life, if you can, do everything what you usually do. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, for example if you have lost your hair and you don’t know how to wear a wig.
  • Try to find as much information as possible about your type of cancer and different ways how to cure it. You won’t have the effect of deceived expectations and you will realise everything happening to you.
  • Try to make notes of everything happening to you while you are treated. It helps you understand your inner state better during the treatment, and not to forget what you have to ask your doctor or nurse about.
  • It would be very useful to keep the records of the actions you have done to cope with cancer and with its side effects. You can also describe your progress – you will see which measures were more effective on different stages of treatment. It will help you in future.
  • You should have realistic aims in front of you and not to be too strict towards yourself. Naturally you’ll have less energy and you’ll require more rest. So, try to rapt your attention on your health, not on your work – do only what is really important.
  • Your life continues and there are a lot of opportunities in front of you. You may choose a new hobby, even connected with easy physical activities (consult your doctor). Go on living and living brightly.

When you go to the hospital, take everything which can entertain you. You will have much free time there, so you may read, draw, listen to music or watch movies. You may take some cookies or chewing gums, which are very helpful when you have a metal taste in your mouth after the chemotherapy. Let your relatives visit you more often. You may also get acquainted with some new people who have the same problem – and you won’t feel miserable and lonely. You can share your experience with other people.