How to Change Your View on Success and Actually Achieve It [in Your Own Way]

There’s a common misconception that success is a single goal—one that is the same for everyone. In reality, success becomes what an individual determines it to be. For instance, a stay-at-home, happy mom can be as successful in her life as someone that works in their dream job. Why? Because both are happy with where they are in life. Success is being content with what you do, and it can take awhile to reach that level of contentment.

This article gives you a rundown on how to change your view of success, then accomplish it. In your own way, of course. Because you are the only person on the planet in charge of your own success and contentment therein.

Do Some Soul-Searching Then Be Honest About Yourself in Terms of Your Own Goals and Life Purpose

Success is a personal experience; therefore, you need to soul search to decide for yourself where your life purpose lies. Your main aim should be to move towards your doomsday knowing that you accomplished happiness and contentment.

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Work? Family? Travel? Or Everything? What’s the Most You Can Do and Still Be Yourself?

Some people build their lives around work in the same way someone might build their lives around family, different hobbies, or traveling the world. However, some people become so wrapped in one thing that their life purpose shifts, becoming a burden instead of an enjoyment.

When this happens, you should reevaluate the direction your life is headed and reiterate your goals. It’s okay to start with work meaning the most but then decide something else needs your utmost attention.

Remember that Nothing is Worth Losing Your Mind Over

There is little in the world worth losing your happiness and sanity over. There will always be some degree of work and obligations, but you should absolutely have YOU time. You should absolutely make the time to enjoy life because working without reprieve is simply living to work instead of the other way around.

Side note: There’s always been a debate about how much work is too much—and the answer lies in how exhausted, drained, and unhappy you find yourself when work is over. Sure, no one loves their job all of the time, but no one should hate their job all the time either.