4 Important Questions To Ask When Choosing a Sober Living Home For a Loved One

When a loved one is having trouble with addiction, even if relationships are strained, it is important to try to look past your anger and get them the help that they need. Selecting a sober living environment can be daunting, as there are many types of facilities and levels of care available. Here are some helpful questions to ask each home that you are considering.

How Many Other Residents Live There?

It’s important to learn how many other people will be living in the sober housing Annapolis MD. While recovering, your loved one may find strength in numbers and enjoy commiserating with people who are dealing with similar issues. Conversely, he may want to spend his recovery in a place that is less populated so that he can concentrate on his own healing. 

Are Meetings or Support Groups Offered?

You’ve likely heard of 12-step programs and other similar meetings that are designed to aid in addiction recovery. Whether interested or not, you and your loved one should understand if they are offered, and more importantly, if they are required during the stay. 

What are the Visitation Rules?

Anyone who is moving into sober living, particularly for an extended period of time, should have a full understanding of the visitation rules. How often can family and friends come to visit, and how long can they stay? Can guests stay overnight? If you plan to visit your loved one, ensure that you understand what you and other visitors can and cannot do.

Are Drug Tests Mandatory?

It goes without saying that one should be sober in sober housing, but understanding the rules concerning drug testing is wise.   Choosing the best sober living environment for a loved one is tough. However, the right one will make a huge difference in their recovery success and will help them return to regular life seamlessly. …

4 Healthy Vending Machine Options

Sometimes you have to purchase a snack on the go. If you’re lucky, there’s a Pittsburgh area commissary in the vicinity that offers more substantial options. Other times, however, the standard vending machine is all that’s available.

This can pose a dilemma if you are trying to eat healthily. A lot of vending machine offerings are loaded with sugars and fats. However, there are usually reasonably healthy options to be found in a vending machine. It may not take as much effort to seek them out once you know what to look for.

1. Dried Fruits

A vending machine may offer dried fruits like cranberries or raisins on their own or mixed with seeds and nuts as part of a trail mix. Dried fruits are effective at satisfying your desire for sweets.

2. Granola Bars

Granola bars have a reputation as a healthy snack that, for the most part, is well earned. However, to keep calories and sugar on the low end, try to avoid those that include pieces of candy or chocolate.

3. Whole Grains

Examples of whole-grain snacks that you might find at your local vending machine include crackers, pretzels, and dry cereal. Whole grains have fiber that fills you up more quickly and helps keep you feeling full longer.

4. Dry Roasted Nuts

These can be a good source of plant proteins. They also have healthy fats that keep you feeling satiated because they take longer to digest. However, try to avoid the sweetened and flavored varieties to cut down on excess sugar and salt. Another good alternative is peanut butter crackers. However, think about only eating half the package at a time.

If you need a drink to wash down those snacks, choose 100% fruit juice, where available, or calorie-free options like seltzer or water. Diet beverages have artificial sweeteners, so you should try to avoid them if possible.…