10 Important Ingredients For Making Cakes For Beginners

Making a cake can serve as a hobby for those who love cooking. Cakes that can be made also vary with the variety of recipes used. If you are one of the beginners in the world of cooking you can also make a variety of cake variants. Using a variety of recipes such as pastries, chocolate cake, or cake of steamed can be made by beginners who want to try to make a cake. The ingredients used to make the cake should not be arbitrary. The selected ingredients must have good quality and of course hygienic so that the cake is made to have characteristics with good quality and of course hygienic to be consumed. For the beginners, any ingredients that should not be forgotten to use when cooking? In the bellow are the ingredients that should not be forgotten to use when you are cooking. Check this out!


Wheat flour is one of the most important ingredients for baking or baking. Because the wheat flour contains a protein that is not water soluble and can actually absorb water in the dough into a layer of gluten. This gluten layer also serves to hold gas produced from the use of yeast or yeast. There are three kinds of wheat flour that we know that is high-protein wheat flour, medium-wheat flour flour and the last wheat flour protein low. You can choose to use according to your needs.


Butter is one ingredient that should not be forgotten when you are going to make a cake. Butter is an animal fat solid that tastes tasty, easy to melt and the price is relatively more expensive than margarine. Cakes that use butter will be more densely textured with a fine cavity, slightly damp with a delicious savory taste. Cakes that use butter / butter are usually less well developed. Butter makes cakes more durable, flavorful, tender and can also add nutritional value.


Eggs have a very important part in the process of making cakes or bread. Because the eggs can moisturize as well as give color to the bread that is made. In addition, the eggs of course add to the nutritional value of the bread itself. Not only that eggs can also make the cake or bread dough you make will expand and have a fragrant aroma is also a good taste.